Are you making these mistakes with your janitorial supply inventory management system? Find out how to keep your orders in order.

Your janitorial team needs the right supplies in order to function. And many of these items need to be on hand at any given time. You don’t want to run out of toilet paper, hand soap, or trash bin liners. Running out of gloves or other PPE puts your team at risk of potential infection or contact with hazardous materials. These are just some of the reasons your janitorial supply inventory management system is a crucial part of your operations.

But in order for that management system to work effectively, there are some mistakes you and your team need to avoid. Fortunately, most are pretty easy to avoid once you know what you’re looking for. 

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Janitorial Supply Inventory Management System

What’s the right system for me?

Before jumping into how to best use your janitorial supply inventory management system, let’s take a look at why you want to use one. Essentially, a supply management system is a tool to help you track your inventory. Especially if you service multiple locations, it can be tricky to know how full or low your supply inventory is. 

These systems can save you time and money, reduce the frustration of running out of the things you need, and improve your customer service. You can streamline your ordering and storage, and estimate your expenses more accurately. 

There are numerous inventory management systems available, from a notebook to a spreadsheet to software designed specifically for the purpose. In deciding which system is right for you, consider what will meet your current needs, and also give you room to grow. 

We believe janitorial management software is the best way to go. You can access your reports and inventory from anywhere you have an internet connection, it’s easy to update your numbers, and you can quickly review usage and trends. 

Don’t make these mistakes with your janitorial supply inventory management system

So what are some of the mistakes many companies make with their janitorial supply inventory management system? 

1. Failing to adopt a system at all. This is, without doubt, one of the biggest mistakes we see in both commercial cleaning companies and in-house providers. This usually looks something like ordering supplies on an as-needed basis or even waiting until things run out before reordering. 

2. Poor distribution. When you service multiple locations, you may have your supply inventory spread among these locations. That’s helpful in that you don’t have to cart around cases of supplies. However, this can also lead to situations where you don’t have your supplies where you need them. So, Location A might have two full cases of hand sanitizer, while Location B is running out. Taking advantage of the power of a janitorial supply inventory management system can help you avoid situations like this. 

3. Poor storage. In addition to distribution, how you store your products and supplies can impact your inventory management. There’s a place for everything, so you know exactly where to look for what you need. This makes it easy to get the job done, of course. However, an organized supply storage system is also helpful when it comes to inventory control. At a glance, you can see how much or how little of an item you have on hand. This makes your supply audits quick and easy, and streamlines the ordering process.

4. Failing to appoint an on-site inventory manager. Someone on-site needs to be responsible for inventory management. No matter how good your system is, if it’s not anyone’s job to worry about inventory, then no one will do it. This could be your site supervisor, a team leader, or really, anyone. The point is that you have to assign the job to someone if you want it to get done.

5. Not running reports. Your janitorial supply inventory management system should give you the option of running reports. These reports help you spot any spikes or declines in supply usage, anomalies in how much you have on hand, and other data points that can help you determine your next steps. Without these reports, you’re just guessing at what your numbers really are. 

Take control of your janitorial supply inventory management system and you and your team will be better for it. You can streamline processes, attain a more efficient workflow, and never have to wonder if you have enough supplies to last you until the next order comes in.

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