Did you ever consider the value of school report cards?

It’s a document revealing the already-combined results of their child’s scores over time on one, single, actionable piece of paper.

Fast forward to today’s most version of your work performance “report card,” and you’ll discover the value of janitorial job management software.


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Getting a Big Picture Vantage Point

It would have been virtually impossible for your parents to have truly stayed on top of your successes and failures in the classroom if they had to track the outcomes of every individual test, homework, or project that you turned in!

Perhaps for a short time, they could have kept up, however, as the semesters moved you into more challenging grades, your homework-load increased, and the other demands of life as a parent began to pile up, their ability to keep up would have inevitably started slipping.

Does this analogy still suit your janitorial company?

Make the Grade with Job Management Software

School report cards help parents see where their child is succeeding and where there is extra work needed. Job management software provides similar insights (and more!) into your business:

  • Observe Employee Behaviors

    Keep a permanent record of events, incidents, and their consequences (i.e. employee no-shows and your timestamped follow-up process) to observe employee performance over time. Through a strategic partnership with Chronotek, the Janitorial Manager job management software allows you to track employee check-ins and check-outs, hour accumulation, and scheduling all in one easy-to-use location! This information is useful to have regularly documented, along with your hiring/firing procedures, so that you can protect yourself from unemployment backlash or rehiring difficult people.

Supply Shelves
  • Keep Your Eye on the Supplies

While labor is your number-one expense at approximately 55% of your expenditures, your supply costs is generally the next highest expense at 2-10% of your budget. Although job management software doesn’t typically tell you supply management (inventory, order records, etc.) it can help you track the aggregate of budgeted expenses versus the actual expenditures. This level of tracking is essential to make sure you’re not consistently over budget on your chemicals and pouring money down the drain… literally!

Janitorial Manager’s Usage Per Client report lets you track what supplies are in the supply room, input a reasonable amount of what should be used over time, and compare it against actual amounts on hand. This type of report supports your efforts in preventing theft, discovering training issues (over/under mixing chemicals or incorrect chemical use), avoid hoarding supplies, and lets you catch any ‘quirks’ in the process early on, instead of going months or years before you ever realize there’s an issue.

  • Inspect Your Inspection Reports

Regularly reoccurring inspections are a big deal in this industry. Clients expect “white glove” service, and studies have shown that companies who do them thrive in keeping their clients happier, longer. However, inspections can be difficult to coordinate. This is why your job management software should provide you with customized templates that are divided into specific locations and steps. Each component should be rated on a uniformly applied scale, resulting in an automatically calculated score. Notes should be made on categories regarding successes, failures, suggestions and training needs observed.

When each inspection is finished, the item drops out of the inspector’s to-do list and is submitted it directly to the assigned person to be reviewed. In this way, if the employee needs to go back and fix any issues, it can be done right away to avoid clients discovering uncorrected errors or omissions.


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  • Gain a Real-Time View of Your Profits & Losses

Many businesses only receive and review their profit and loss (P&L) statements once a month. However, with Janitorial Manager’s job management software, you can access this statement in real-time, as well. You can keep a constant eye on the status of your business so that you’re always ready to react or respond if things start changing.

The P&L report entries also allow you to drill down and see how each individual client contributes to the success of your company – or not! You can even enter the bill rate, budgeted supplies used to do the work and the budgeted hours per week to see what a category of expenses needs adjusted to improve the profitability of each client.

Measuring Up with Job Management Software

Job management software provides you with a simple, automated scorecard that gives you a real-time snapshot of the performance of your company. From that dashboard of customized reports on your computer or mobile device, you’re able to see if the work that is being done is garnering a passing grade for your company.

The software also allows you to dig into the granularities of your business as well – to see not just the performance of the company as a whole, but also that of your individual employees and your various client accounts!

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