Office buildings aren’t the only places that need cleaning services. These overlooked businesses might just be your pot of gold.

When we think of the types of businesses that hire commercial cleaners, we tend to default to the usual suspects: office buildings, hotels, and hospitals, among others. And it’s true; these are some of our biggest customers. However, there are plenty of other places that need cleaning services, which is good news if you’re planning to expand your business.

The more common types of clients listed above are such large spaces that landing a contract with them means solid business for your cleaning service. But just as a good salesperson knows to upsell by pushing smaller, less expensive products in addition to their big sellers, so also should cleaning services think about the smaller commercial spaces that may be on the lookout for professionals to get the job done right.

Here are some frequently overlooked places that need cleaning services.

Government buildings

Government contracts are hard to come by, but they tend to pay relatively well once you break through the red tape. We won’t lie; the competition is pretty fierce. On the bright side, though, there were over 10,000 bids published last year by the federal government alone, which means there are many opportunities at that level as well as state and local levels.

To find out how to bid on government cleaning contracts in your state, visit your state’s official website and use the search function. (It might take a few tries to find what you’re looking for, but usually the bids are in there somewhere.) For federal bids, you can visit www.governmentbids.com.

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From elementary schools to universities, all schools require cleaning services. Public schools often have in-house janitorial services, but some of them outsource. For public contracts, check with your local Department of Education.

For private school and university contracts, you’ll want to pitch to the schools directly. These facilities are much more likely to hire third-party cleaners, and they are sometimes very attractive contracts.

Places That Need Cleaning Services

Medical and dental offices

Hospitals rank high on the list of common places that need cleaning services, but smaller medical and dental offices also require substantial janitorial services. OSHA regulations hold these offices to the same standard of cleanliness as hospitals, which makes professional services a must.

Restaurants and bars

Many high-end restaurants and bars will hire outside cleaners to come in at the end of the night and tidy up for the morning. These places also have to adhere to stringent health regulations, so there’s no shortage of work to do!

Fitness centers

Whether a yoga studio, a gym, or something else, fitness centers of all sorts have ongoing cleaning needs and can often be lucrative, steady work.

Retail businesses

You’ve probably seen dust collecting in corners and on shelves of a typical retail store. Pretty unappealing, right? Of course, you don’t see that most places because the majority of retail businesses know that cleanliness is part of running a store. Retail cleaning jobs are a little smaller, but they take up less time and resources and can be a great addition to your list of customers.

Places That Need Cleaning Services

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Archiving facilities

Businesses that archive documents for companies have a significant interest in keeping their storage facilities clean and tidy for their clients. Since they don’t usually require cleaning every day, though, professional cleaners are attractive since they only have to come in once or twice a week.

Where to find overlooked clients

Uncommon places that need cleaning services aren’t hard to find as long as you think outside the box. Sure, yellow pages and Google are excellent sources, but nothing beats good old-fashioned networking. Talk to your existing clients, see if they know anyone looking for commercial cleaners.

Use social media to expand your business. Place targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram that showcase your work, or if that’s not in your budget, just use your own social platforms to promote your business. You might be surprised how many clients you pick up that way!