If you had to choose one of the best janitorial software tools you couldn’t live without, what would it be?

Industrial engineer, Allen F. Morgenstern, coined the term, “work smarter, not harder,” as part of a work simplification program he conducted in the 1930s. Morgenstern believed workers could be more productive than they already were. And while things have certainly changed since the thirties, he’s still not wrong. It takes more than exceptional cleaning skills to run a janitorial business.

From the client bidding process to staff logistics and bookkeeping, it’s vitally important (and sometimes challenging) to keep everything organized and running efficiently. Thankfully, there are ways to automate daily functions so you don’t have to spend your days stuck behind a desk. The best janitorial software tools reduce mundane office tasks and paperwork so you can allocate more time towards staff training and vital customer retention efforts. 

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Best Janitorial Software

How many of the following seven best janitorial software tools currently benefit your company?

1. Job bidding calculators let you give quotes with confidence

Janitorial software platforms should give you the ability to track contacts from the acquisition process through location bidding and beyond. Bidding calculation features give you the option to work by ISSA Time and Task calculations or your own so you can accurately estimate labor and supply costs. The job bidding process is streamlined. You can quote clients with confidence, knowing that your prices are competitive but you’re still generating revenue.

2. Scheduling is a snap with digital calendar tools

It can be tricky to manage recurring schedules, especially when multiple clients request changes. Not only are you in charge of the client’s cleaning calendar, but you also have to manage your employees. Sick time, vacation days, and no-shows can throw a significant wrench into the scheduling process. A lot of janitorial software companies offer scheduling tools, but they’re not all created equal. Robust software platforms provide tools that take the frustration out of managing everyone’s schedules with reporting so you can review a summary of past and future agendas. The best software companies even give you the ability to set location-specific schedule reminders so you can easily keep track of each employee and every location.

3. Communication improves with mobile messaging apps

Excellent communication is necessary for janitorial success. Employee effectiveness depends on it, as does client satisfaction. Workers need to keep track of task directions for each of the locations they manage, even when they speak a language other than English. Clients need the ability to communicate their needs and provide feedback so that they can stay up to date with project progression. With the help of the best janitorial software client and location messaging tools, communication struggles are a thing of the past. Apps increase client response times and overall employee efficiency. Clients and their cleaning crew are fully aware, and in control, of what is taking place at each location. 

4. Guarantee quality with on-site inspection assistance

The only way to be sure your clients are satisfied with your team is by performing regular on-site inspections. Routine inspections ensure your training methods are valid and that your customers are fully satisfied by your team’s performance. You want to be able to instantly review each location’s development and give employees feedback to make sure the results are up to the clients’ standards. The best janitorial software companies provide mobile inspection applications that help inspectors rate each task and monitor performance for each location serviced. Image sharing capabilities improve quality assurance so you can track progress with the utmost confidence. 

5. Stay organized with digital reporting

Reporting is a critical tool for businesses looking to drive change or maintain their current success rate. The problem with old-fashioned methods is that they are so time-consuming and confusing. With the right software platform, you can observe anything from supply inventories to time tracking and overall project management. The best janitorial software tools keep precious data organized and accessible from a desktop computer or mobile device. You can stay organized, reduce paper expenses, and find the data you’re looking for quickly and easily.

6. Enhance daily processes with checklists and instructions

When you subscribe to comprehensive janitorial software, cleaners have access to detailed instructions and easy-to-use checklists right on their mobile devices. Instead of micromanaging every small detail, you can be alerted when your team completes an entire job. Digital to-do lists help them remember tasks and perform each one correctly, ensuring quality control before on-site inspections take place. Everyone is aware of what they need to do at each facility because daily processes and procedures are outlined clearly.

7. Stop accountability struggles with performance reviews

Everyone is responsible for the success of a cleaning business. While you want cleaners to be accountable for their work, it’s up to you to provide clear expectations along with the tools they need to accomplish them. The best janitorial software companies understand the necessity of identifying poor performance before it harms your reputation. Customizable performance reviews make it easy to target areas of improvement before they turn into challenging customer service issues. Accountability efforts are a lot more productive (and much less overwhelming) because it’s easy to sort and view employee performance as well as overall company efficiency. You can spend more time on training and trust-building activities that make your team stronger and more reliable. Your reputation can flourish because you have the tools you need to maintain quality assurance as well as customer satisfaction.

Stay focused and on track to do great things

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