If you could make every business-related thought flying ‘round in your brain at any given point during the day into a marble, how full of marbles could you fill a water cooler?


All the way?


When it comes to the cleaning industry, time truly is money, and it’s often a full-time job (in addition to your actual full-time commercial janitorial service work!) just keeping track of all your thought-marbles without losing any!

This is Where Commercial Cleaning Software Comes into Play

For each of your customers, the following five issues (and many more!) are like marbles rolling around in your mind. Trying to corral each issue is exhausting, stressful and feels darn-near impossible somedays!

Using an affordable commercial janitorial service software, specifically addresses each of these “time as money” currencies:

Problem Marble 1: The time spent traveling back and forth to try to communicate with your cleaners, is lost money.

Commercial Cleaning Software Solution: Consolidating communications with employees via any desktop or mobile device. Your cleaners can make requests to you regarding supply shortages, customer needs, arrival/departure check-ins, inspections reports and more, in real-time! You can post training information, product usage instructions, and individual customer contact information, as appropriate, in one centralized location.

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Problem Marble 2: The time spent shuffling through stacks of paper trying to find a hastily jotted down voicemail message from a customer, is lost money.

Commercial Cleaning Software Solution: Providing a way for customers to place new work orders, one-off project requests, alerts regarding upcoming events or scheduling adjustments… all in one place. This means that you have access to all of these items in the palm of your hand, rather than hunting down sticky notes or attempting to remember verbal requests!

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Problem Marble 3: The time spent on the phone trying to keep a customer from jumping ship after yet another cleaning error was made by the night crew, is lost money.

Commercial Cleaning Software Solution: Streamlining the inspections process with each customer’s customized list of tasks and needs. Rather than having to talk a customer off the ledge after a cleaner misses addressing a priority area, you can create a customized list for inspectors to specifically look for, for each unique customer. This allows inspectors (no matter who it is!) to catch and correct any “oopses” before the customer does!

Problem Marble 4: The time spent pitching your services to a potential customer who ultimately chooses a more modernized and tech-savvy cleaning company, is lost money.

Commercial Cleaning Software Solution: Presenting your business’s ability to offer state-of-the-art back office technology makes your business exponentially more attractive to potential clients. In today’s culture, customers are looking for faster, more accurate, more convenient and more in-the-moment services. If you’re still using a pen and paper, or even documents only available via email, you’re behind the times. It’s become “normal” for companies to be judged on their quality, based on the quality of their website, their social media presence, and yes, the use of technology in their day-to-day operations. If you’re lacking in these areas… you’ll soon be lacking customers, as well.

It’s not only the new customers that you need to consider, either. Current clients – if they feel they can get smoother services and better attention from a more tech-savvy company – will unfortunately become harder to retain if you don’t make the transition to utilizing commercial cleaning software, as well! It’s less expensive to keep current clients, than it is to attempt to have to go find new ones. Commercial cleaning software is an affordable solution that hits two birds with one stone!

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Problem Marble 5: Even the time spent cleaning a business that doesn’t provide a significant enough profit, is still lost money.

Commercial Cleaning Software Solution: You may feel good about having a large quantity of customers. However, if those customers are not resulting in money made, you’re missing out. It could take an inordinate amount of time to manually sort through the data to calculate how much you’re spending on supplies, labor, transportation, etc. to determine how profitable each customer is for your business. However, a commercial cleaning software system can automatically produce those reports from the information input into ready-made categories! You just may discover a certain industry that is consistently performing well for you, and choose to focus on bringing in new customers in that industry. You may also discover the opposite to be true of a different industry, and decide to trim those time and money vacuums from your schedule.

Get More Time and Money with Commercial Cleaning Software

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