Take the extra step in providing excellent customer service and offer your clients a cleaning inspection report to showcase your dedication.

Do your clients need a cleaning inspection report? Maybe not. Should you provide them with one anyway? Absolutely. And it’s not just a matter of “proving” you’ve done the work. It goes way beyond that. What it’s really all about, once you dig in a bit, is excellent customer service.

Let’s go on the assumption here that you and your team do good work. As a side note, that has to be a given. You can overcome mistakes and off days and misunderstandings when you provide outstanding customer service, but your base level of work has to be top-notch. If you and your team offer substandard and lackluster service, a cleaning inspection report will only get you so far.

That issue aside, we’ll say your customers like you well enough. You don’t get many complaints, but it’s also rare that you get notes of praise. You know your customers like you because most of them stick with you for a while. Unfortunately, there’s not much that makes you stand out. It’s become a relationship of convenience. You show up and do the job well, but you don’t interact much with your clients. Your work, and as a consequence, your business, is easy to overlook.

That means, to be blunt, you’re a prime target for a new, exciting cleaning company to come in and take your business. It’s not because your customers are unhappy, but we are all susceptible to good marketing. Think about it. How can you compete with a company that’s promising state-of-the-art janitorial equipment and lower prices? Especially when your clients don’t even know you’re there except when they pay the invoice every month.

The answer is excellent customer service. And part of that is a cleaning inspection report.

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Cleaning Inspection Report

How to turn a cleaning inspection report into your secret business weapon

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of keeping customers happy. Yes, price is also important. However, most customers won’t mind paying a little extra for your services if they know they are your top priority. Customer service is what makes you relevant in a crowded, competitive market. It’s where you can add value far beyond the work your team does. The great thing is that it’s also easy.

Excellent customer service is about the little things. It’s greeting your clients with a smile and a warm hello. It’s about reliability, accurate billing, returning phone calls promptly, and talking through any changes on the horizon. It’s about checking in.

This all gives you a chance to subtly remind them how much they rely on you. One very simple way to bring that into focus is through creating and sharing a cleaning inspection report on a regular basis. And with the right janitorial software (like Janitorial Manager), it’s actually quite easy.

Why? And how? If you’re regularly going into facilities after hours or doing your best to remain unobtrusive during working hours, it’s easy for a business owner or building manager to miss how much work you do. In some ways, that’s good. It means you aren’t skipping things. But a weekly or even monthly cleaning inspection report puts into print precisely what your team does.

You can point out the daily, weekly, and monthly duties and share exactly when they’re done. You can share before and after pictures. You can bring maintenance issues to the attention of the building manager. And you can even make suggestions for future cleaning or maintenance projects.

These reports are also an excellent way to keep communications open, especially if there are any areas your clients may have questions about. You can also make comparisons from month to month, which can be an efficient way for your clients to track wear and tear on items like carpets.

Now how do you do it? First, you need an inspection template, which you can then customize by location. Then once you do your inspection and any follow-ups, you simply share the document with your client. It really is that easy.

To make it even easier, if you use Janitorial Manager, there is a dedicated Inspections App that stores everything in an easy-to-access location that you can share with your team and your clients.

As easy as that is, we believe in making things even easier. After all, you and your clients are busy people. Especially now that so much in the janitorial industry has changed, you and your clients need an easier way to keep up. So why not an on-demand cleaning inspection report?

Fear not! It’s not as difficult and time-consuming as it sounds. In fact, it can streamline your entire cleaning inspection report process. How? QR codes.

We recently introduced a new feature known as Scan2Clean. With simple QR codes, your cleaning team can scan into a room and get a full task list. While that certainly makes the job a little easier, the real advantage here is for your inspections and reports. Your customers can also scan these QR codes to find out when a room or area was last cleaned. They can also fill out a quick survey to help you ensure quality.

Additionally, this feature can give customers the ability to request specific services in a room any time they need them. For instance, if they need to use a conference room multiple times and need it cleaned in between uses, they open the app and click the “request service” button. It’s that simple.

There really isn’t any reason to skip this. Your customers will love it, and your bank account will, too.

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