Need more janitorial accounts? Try posting online to find customers in your local market.

Most cleaning businesses don’t have a dedicated sales and marketing team, so the burden of advertising cleaning services is left to owners or administrative help. Despite the fact that marketing and sales may not be their primary skill, there is good news. With today’s technology, it’s much easier to pick up janitorial accounts than it ever was before.

While sending out flyers, handing out business cards, and taking out ads in local newspapers still work, it’s likely that you’ll land the bulk of your business through online endeavors. And one of the most fruitful places to advertise is through online classifieds that zero in on your target market.

You can find all kinds of janitorial accounts through online classifieds, from office buildings to doctors’ offices to religious buildings, and more. There are even websites dedicated to contracting with specific types of customers, like government contracts. With so much business available, it’s essential to advertise regularly, and in a way that captures the attention of the customers you’re looking for.

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6 Steps to finding new janitorial accounts online

1. Advertise in the right places

Most people are familiar with Craigslist, where you can post ads locally, or at least close to home if you don’t live in a city. Craigslist is probably one of the best online classified resources for new janitorial accounts not only because it garners a lot of traffic, but also because it’s very inexpensive to post an ad. Using this site is sure to bring you more business.

There are other sites, too, that you may want to consider posting on in addition to Craigslist. The Janitorial Bid Network is an excellent place to post or search for customers, as is Free Ads Time. There’s also Classified Ads and Oodle Marketplace, all of which are similar to Craigslist in both content and cost. Posting in multiple places ensures that you get the word out about your business, and since the price is right on most of these sites, it’s probably worth your time to do it.

2. How to construct your ad

For most of these sites, the rule of thumb is to keep the ad simple. Be clear about the services you offer and provide your company name, contact information, or even better, a link to your website. Include a few pictures so they can see how you make your accounts sparkle. Don’t include the price at this point. Wait until they’ve reached out to you because then you know they’re serious about potentially becoming a customer.

If you have permission from your clients, include is a list of janitorial accounts you already have. When people see that you have an established reputation in the industry, they’re more likely to visit your website or give you a call to learn more. Show off your best customers and see if you can even get a review or two that you can share. All of these things will make your ad more attractive without coming across as too sales-y.

3. Take advantage of paid advertising on social media

While social media isn’t quite the same as a classifieds section, you can reach a broad audience through paid social advertising. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer sponsored posts so you can make sure to get your ads in front of the janitorial accounts you want to bring on board.

Similar to the classifieds, keep your pitch short and sweet. Include pictures, especially on Instagram since images primarily drive that platform. Also, make sure that the photos you include are professional grade. With so much smartphone technology today, taking pictures seems easier than ever, but most people will notice the difference between a professional photo and an amateur one. If it means hiring a photographer for a one-time session to get pictures you can use over and over again, it may be worth the investment.

4. Post regularly, post often

One drawback to online classifieds is that your ad can get buried by all the other ads. That’s why you want to make sure that you have a regular posting schedule. It might be every week or even every two weeks, but probably shouldn’t be any less than that. Likewise, try not to post too much because not only will it cost you more money, but it might make you come across as pushy, which can turn a lot of people off from patronizing your business.

5. Target your audience

One of the smartest things you can do with online classifieds is targeting the specific janitorial accounts that you want to work with. If you have customers you’re looking for, include that information in your ad. You might also see if there’s someplace on the classifieds site that caters to a more specific group of people. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with a generic post, but if businesses see you as a jack of all trades, they may end up looking elsewhere for a cleaning service that specializes in cleaning their specific type of organization.

Targeting through social media is easier. You can pay to reach specific zip codes and types of companies that interest you. It’s more expensive than posting to online classifieds, but it’s an excellent companion to the latter. You may not want to spend the money posting too regularly on social media, but you shouldn’t have to post as often since your ads will be more targeted in the first place.

6. Promote your specialties

Finally, if you have a specialty service, like carpet cleaning, make sure to include that in your ad. Not every cleaning business has the same offering, so you’ll want to show off the things that make you stand apart from the competition. You may even consider posting the specialty as part of the ad headline to draw more attention to it.

In short, you’ll get more janitorial accounts through online classifieds the more you can set yourself apart. You already know there’s a lot of competition out there. Communicate to your audience what it is about your business that makes you different and therefore worth patronizing.

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