Why a Quality Control System is Critical for Customer Retention

“Quality over quantity.” We’ve all heard this statement, and most people run their life that way. Whether it’s a service performed, an item purchased or a company hired, people are looking for quality in every aspect of life. Quality is also one of the most important features for your customers when they utilize your cleaning company. They’re seeking quality in the products you use, their interactions with you and your staff, financial transactions, your website and more. According to a survey of more than 200 senior marketing managers, 71% say that when it comes to customer satisfaction, quality assurance was one of the most useful metrics for monitoring business success. But if you’re trying to maintain a certain level of quality, how do you keep track? What processes should you have in place to sustain that quality level? And what quality control system should you use to help you achieve it?

A Quality Control System for All

When you’re trying to formalize a quality control system, it needs to cover every area of your business. Employees have to perform the tasks for which they are responsible, your books have to be clean and organized and your cleaning process needs to be understood and up to industry standards. Every customer who hires your cleaning company wants to know exactly what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, and in today’s culture, technology should play a part in controlling the quality you offer to customers. The best tech to use is a business management software that houses a quality control system. These programs help you in every area of business, but specifically for QC, it helps with:

  • Measuring and improving your process
  • Identifying problem areas where more training is needed
  • Providing a connection between the office and the job field, giving you the ability to track quality and expectations
  • Creating client review reports or accepting feedback on the quality of services
  • Giving clients the assurance that your quality control system is systematic and repeatable
Quality Control System 4

Check Your Rates As you’re working on implementing a QC system for your cleaning business, you need to consider your current customer retention (CR) rates. First, determine a period of time (in years) for you to promote your plan. Then, use this formula to calculate your current customer retention rates: Customer Retention Rate = ((# of Customers at End of Period – # of Customers Acquired During Period)) / # of Customers at Start of Period)) X 100 For example: Imagine you start the year with 20 customers, gain five new customers in the first quarter, and have one customer leave or cancel services: ((24-5)/20)) x 100 = 95% retention rate Here’s another example: You have 44 customers, you gain 12 new customers, and 13 customers leave or cancel services: ((43-12)/44) x 100 = 70% retention By understanding your retention rates, you can see the areas of your process that work and those that don’t. Then, you can attempt to either find new customers based on your rate of success or try to interact with those customers who canceled services to see how you can improve.

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