If, when you hear the term, “The Cloud,” you mentally picture fluffy white configurations of condensed water in the sky, then please, listen up: The Cloud should be playing a key role in making your commercial cleaning business better!

…If it’s not, there’s much you need to consider.

Web Based Commercial Cleaning Business Software in the Cloud

The Cloud is a term used to reference the location of storage for software, apps, documents, and more, via the Internet. Basically, if you’re using email, a current version of Microsoft Office, or online banking, you’re already utilizing the power of the Cloud!

Although there are still some quality pieces of software available for desktop or laptop computers, using classic CD-drives or thumb-drives to download, Cloud-based software – especially for business – is now the way to go, by far.

So, what does this have to do with your commercial cleaning business? When you’re utilizing the immense power and accessibility of the cloud, web based commercial cleaning business software becomes available to you anywhere, at any time, via the Internet.

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How Does This Affordable Option Benefit You? Here are 6 ways…

Compared to manually downloaded software – or worse yet, the clipboard, pen and paper approach! – web based commercial cleaning business software offers many benefits… so many, in fact, we’ll look at the first six in this article, and six more in our next article:

Easily accessible

We have become a society that expects Internet access 24/7, and usually, we get it! This means that when you store your cleaning business’s information in the Cloud via a web based commercial cleaning business software, you don’t need to keep track of your notebook. You don’t have to make backups so that multiple people can access the information from different locations. You don’t need to call and ask your secretary for information and make your client wait for you to answer his question. You can access the content stored in your software from any place with Internet access.

Multi-device friendly

In addition to essentially always having Internet connectivity, most of us also virtually always have an electronic device of some kind nearby, as well. Web based software in the cloud is compatible with any internet connected device. This allows your cleaning crew members to login to their time-keeping app in the software via their iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop… whatever! Inspectors can quickly input their reports in the software from their phone or iPad, rather than requiring someone to manually sift through piles of paper-based inspections in order to obtain any actionable information. Managers can check out the inspectors’ observations immediately, in real-time, from any Internet-connected device!

Personalized portals

Another major advantage to utilizing a web based commercial cleaning business software, is that your team members, customers and management can use their assigned login information and experience their own customized account. This feature allows you to choose what information you provide to each individual, and keeps all communications in one place. Customers can submit work orders, inspectors can manage unique reports, and you can review all reports and outcomes.

Affordable solutions

Typically, desktop software can be purchased in an up-front investment. Sure, you may tell yourself that it’s a one-time expense, as opposed to a monthly or annual subscription to an online software. However, as technology improves, customer expectations grow, and new options become available from your competitors, you will discover the need for flexibility. Typically, as new updates become available for web based commercial cleaning business software, the cost is included in the monthly or annual cost you are already paying… which means, no more surprises for your budget, and no more frustrating downloads. The cost-effective efficiencies of web based applications give even small businesses a competitive edge against the mammoth-sized national corporations.

Instant Access

Since you have multiple cleaners working in multiple locations for multiple clients, the ability for simultaneous communication is paramount. Granted, you could always put sticky note messages in various places, send texts or emails, or leave voicemails to try and keep connected to your team… but there is always room for error. Web based commercial cleaning software is purposefully designed to give everyone real-time access to data. the ability to share information to and from multiple locations, and to track the receipt of the information (to avoid those inevitable excuse-givers!).

Tech-Savvy Competitive Edge

The janitorial industry has become cutting-edge competitive. You need to be able to instantly show your prospective customers that you have what it takes to keep up. Gone are the days when you could simply explain what you have to offer. Customers today are skeptical and need to see it to believe it. So, no matter where you bump into a potentially interested client, you can able to whip out your smartphone, iPad, laptop or any other connected device, login to your account, and make a great first impression on the fly!


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See it for Yourself

Another brilliant option available with web based commercial cleaning business software, is the opportunity to get a free personalized demonstration to see just how it works! A simple online request allows you to schedule a brief demo from someone who understands your janitorial business needs, knows your frustrations and pain points, and can knowledgeably walk you through the simple solutions available!

Give Janitorial Manager a call today! Discover how effectively our affordable, web based commercial cleaning business software can address the hang-ups in your business, and start making you more money!

(Continued in 6 Advantages of Web Based Commercial Cleaning Business Software part 2)