The cleaning industry is a competitive place not for the shy or easily intimidated. You must find, land, and build loyalty with quality customers who will be good, long-standing clients for you. Some commercial cleaners out are just looking for ways to make money. They aren’t willing to take the time and care needed to really build their base. However, in this technological age, having personal relationships with your customers and emphasizing excellent customer service can (and should) be integral to your company. You will never regret handling your business with a personal touch because no one will be able to speak badly of you, your employees, or your services.

In a land of contracted work, personal touches can be difficult to cultivate. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and everyone is vying for the same contracts, the same customers, and the same services rendered. Finding the balance between being aggressive in bidding for jobs and keeping your business attractive to potential leads can be impossible. If you’ve ever heard a good auctioneer at an auction house, understanding what they’re saying can be a challenge and deciding what to bid on can be even more so! The janitorial bidding world can sometimes feel like an auction house!

A smaller, local janitorial company that can stay afloat with only their current customers or by gaining new ones through word-of-mouth or business referrals is a rare gem. That kind of set up is usually saved for the huge, national conglomerates, who will stay in business even without the personal service you want to provide. Unless you’re one of those rare gems, trying to get yourself heard or your proposed contracts accepted can be draining. If you’re looking to gain the best clients through winning bids, you need to use every tool in your arsenal, and one of the best tools out there is janitorial bidding software.

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The Right Tools Build the Right Business

You may already be using a management software program of some sort to help keep your business organized, but does it do everything you want? If you’re in the cleaning industry, you probably have a long list of things you wish your software program could do. But if you haven’t shopped around for a new program lately, you should! A lot of has changed in the management software industry. Janitorial bidding software can help with organization, scheduling, and automating jobs. Here are a few areas that a janitorial bidding software can really boost your business by helping you:

1. Create Opportunity –

If you’re not savvy in the realm of self-promotion, it can really hurt your chances for winning bids. However, having all your business information literally in hand can open doors for you that had been closed before. The time where you’re stuck behind your desk at the office is over – you can take your business with you wherever you go to meet new clients or when you receive a referral. This type of software can be accessed on any device you have via an intuitive app, and your information is all available in an easy-to-use format.

You can meet your clients on site to discuss their needs rather than scheduling a phone call or going back and forth in emails. Not only does this create more inroads for you, but you can also offer your potential clients the option to contact you through the customer portal linked to your account. They can send requests, provide feedback, put in orders for supplies, and more. The opportunity for improved communication will be an extremely attractive quality for those new leads.

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2. Increase Productivity –

If you or your staff has ever struggled with getting things done, you know how frustrating that can be, and sometimes, it’s not something you have control over. But if you want to win bids, you better be able to prove how productive your team can be! With janitorial bidding software, you can manage your employees from one device. Additionally, you can assign jobs to each employee, notate the training each employee has completed, and see where each employee is in real time, leaving no room for error or missed jobs. If potential clients can see your efficiency and reliability, you’re more likely to win their bid.

3. Expand Availability –

What part of your business dominates your time and energy daily? Your schedule! Trying to keep everyone and everything organized in a structured way can be overwhelming, especially if you have a larger staff or lots of clients. But if you want to expand your business with new bids, you must have an organized calendar to rely on. Enter the calendar and scheduling options in janitorial bidding software – you can add anything and everything to your daily schedule, from work orders to inspections to inventory ordering, and everything in between. You can color code different parts of your schedule, so you can see with one glance what needs to happen when. And each entry can have as many or as few details as you need, helping you make sure that your employees and your clients have their bases covered for each job. Throw that desk calendar away!

4. Secure Stability –

When a customer offers an opportunity to bid for a job, they’re looking for specific qualities before they choose a partner company. More than anything, they want to see stability and reliability. They don’t want to have to offer the opportunity again! With janitorial bidding software, you not only present your business as an organized, efficient, and readily available option, you also provide detailed, customized bids per ISSA standards and building models. You won’t have to give them guesswork – you can give them guarantees!

Burn Through Your Bidding Competition

If you want to win more bids, you need to take the necessary steps – it’s time to be able to offer your potential clients more with janitorial bidding software. When you choose Janitorial Manager as your software partner, you can depend on real, professional customer service and a program that exceeds expectations. Contact us for a free demo today!

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