“Put your best foot forward.”

It’s a phrase used to remind someone to present the best version of themselves to someone else. As a commercial cleaning company owner, perhaps you tell yourself that phrase when you drive up to perform a walk-through or to make a bid presentation. During these interactions with prospects, you work hard to make them feel heard, valued and well-served.

But what happens after you win the contract? It’s bad form to move your best foot backward. So, that’s the time to keep your customer engaged and satisfied by using the client portal of your service contractor software.


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Create Confidence in Your Services

If you are one of the bidders present during a “cattle call” for a potential contract, you need to feel fully confident that you will be able to present a strong case for your company. A client portal is one attractive feature for prospects to hang their hat on during this process, because it:

  • Proves you have the tools necessary to provide prompt service
  • Showcases a willingness to maintain consistent communication with your customers
  • Signifies reliability and accessibility to your services
  • Demonstrates a professional image via the use of modern technology
  • Provides a compelling reason to set your services above the competition
  • Increases the value of what you bring to the table

Plus, a client portal is just one of the many features that are included in a quality commercial cleaning software suite. When partnered with a strong training program and a quality assurance process, your proposal becomes comprehensive and legitimately competitive when positioned next to even national cleaning brands!


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3 Benefits of a Client Portal

1. Real Time Access

The client portal utilizes a Cloud-based application that is accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer. As the business owner, you can control what specific information each customer can access independently, and in keeping with today’s fast-paced, instant gratification expectations, customers can interact with that information at any time, day-or-night, without having to interrupt your busy world to have you provide it to them.

2. Communication Documentation

By communicating via the client portal, you eliminate the risk of missing a message from a customer and creating an uncomfortable situation. Instead of trying to keep track of messages via email, face-to-face, phone, SMS, social media messaging, etc., you simplify the process down to one means of communicating: the client portal. Plus, all messaging is instantly documented, searchable, timestamped, and archived for future reference.

3. Ease and Speed of Response Time

When you add customers log in information for their unique access page, you can assign specific people to receive a system notification within the software whenever that customer makes a request for service via the client portal. Alerts can also be set up to be sent to the contact person via email or SMS. When they submit a question, comment, concern, work order or tag work request, you and your staff are able to attend to it promptly by confirming its receipt in real-time, assigning it to a cleaner immediately, and providing step-by-step updates until the need is met… just as you promised you would be able to do.

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Deliver on Your Promises

During the pitch process, you are focused on the prospect one-on-one. As you court each potential client, you know the importance of assuaging their fears, proving the capabilities of your company, and promoting your ability to meet their needs. But once you secure a signed contract, it’s time to live up to the hype you created – not just for that single new customer, but for each and every customer that you have obtained!

You can’t efficiently accomplish this without the assistance of a quality commercial cleaning software that offers a client portal feature. The client portal allows each of your customers to maintain that feeling that you cultivated with them during the bidding process – that feeling of being the sole recipient of your time and attention.

It’s time to put (and keep!) your best foot forward. To learn more about commercial cleaning software and the client portal feature available from Janitorial Manager, schedule a FREE DEMO today!