Quality control

Regardless of the industry you work in, controlling the quality of the work you do is more than important – it’s imperative that you hold yourself (and your employees) to the highest of standards so that you keep your clients happy and your business can grow. If continually improving the quality of your work isn’t part of your business strategy, you’re sunk! With the fast-paced culture we live in these days, it’s easy to be tempted by shortcuts and quick fixes, but all your clientele will see is shoddy work and poor customer service. If you’re part of the janitorial industry, that’s just not an option. Your work is seen by everyone – it’s hard to get away with doing anything partially. How can you improve in this area? By using janitorial inspection software.

The Work Cycle

Continuous improvement can only happen through continuous evaluation, and that’s where cleaning inspections come into play in the janitorial industry. Inspections are the lifeblood of a cleaning operation, but most clients only communicate with their cleaning companies when there’s an issue or a concern…which can cause discouragement and drama…leading to the loss of a client…which means less money and more wasted time, and on the cycle goes. If you have a quality control inspection program as part of what you offer as a company (and you should), then janitorial inspection software is by far the best way to keep your business organized and your inspections scheduled…which can and will open up the lines of communication between you and your customers…resulting in a more positive atmosphere for everyone involved…which leads to more constructive feedback for you and your staff and so on. The work cycle will continue, one way or the other. And if you’re in charge, then it’s your responsibility to make sure that cycle goes in the right direction.



What is janitorial inspection software?

Janitorial inspection software programs are typically cloud-based programs that determine what is needed for each of your clients by collecting data and organizing the information for you. The data collected usually includes employee performance, customer feedback, cleaning checklists, job ratings, employer comments, and even pictures. This type of software allows managers to compile all of their inspection information in a single place where they can see what they need to see with one glance. It also gives managers the opportunity to better track progress and consistency between jobs, and could help you see which employees are doing well, and which may need more training or communication.


Do you need janitorial inspection software?

In one word, yes! I know what you’re thinking – it may seem frivolous to invest in something like this, especially if you’re not comfortable with new technology or changing the way you currently handle your business. But your clients are always looking for reasons to continue using your services, and utilizing a tool like this will set you apart from a lot of your competition. When you write up a proposal for a client, you can add the majority of that information into the inspection software, which will help you create a custom inspection plan for each client. That way, you can instantly and in real-time monitor your employees’ progress, how long it takes to finish each job, and automatically see if an issue arises. You can get rid of that pen and paper to make notes – everything you need to remember and track can be done in the software program, and most software programs now offer mobile apps so you can take care of business wherever you are. If you’re able to provide your clients with detailed inspections, pictures of the completed work and quality ratings for each job, your clients will thank you and your employees will have clear direction for each job – it’s a win-win.


Serve Your Clients 

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Is it time to make a change?

If you’re looking to alter the direction of the work cycle for your business and start fresh in the new year, consider taking the leap and making the investment in janitorial inspection software. You will be more organized, your employees will be better equipped, and your clients will stay satisfied.

You handle the quality control – let janitorial inspection software do the rest!

If you need a cleaning software solution for your business, contact us at Janitorial Manager. We can give you a free demo, walk you through the process of using this type of software, and give you a fair, reasonable quote that will keep you (and your budget) happy!