If you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction, it’s time to pay attention to your janitorial inspection process.

Did you know that the cleaning industry faces an alarmingly high turnover rate because of customer satisfaction concerns? It’s true. The average cleaning company loses up to 55% of its total customer base every year because of unsatisfactory service. Losing a client is bad enough, but losing them because of a bad experience can also ruin your reputation.

While happy clients will share their encounter with four to six people, unsatisfied customers are even more talkative. On average, people will tell between nine and fifteen people about negative vendor experiences. There are many ways to raise customer satisfaction, but not all of them are as productive as using janitorial inspection templates. 

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Janitorial Inspection

How to keep clients happy with janitorial inspection templates.

Use janitorial inspection templates to boost quality control

Even if you’re employing highly qualified cleaning staff, mistakes are bound to happen. Quality control methods, such as janitorial inspections, can make a positive impact on your reputation by significantly reducing negative feedback. By focusing on quality control, you’re also nurturing the trust required to develop lasting client relationships. Cleaning clients want to see that they can depend on your team to produce high-quality work well beyond the first few scheduled appointments. They expect your workers to deliver the same level of service (or better), without flaws, every time.

Routine inspections are the most dependable way to establish quality control consistency. By using inspection templates, you can tailor your cleaning methods to satisfy the demands of each facility, preventing mistakes along the way. Improve daily performance by listing duties in order of importance or by highlighting tasks that on-site inspectors need to monitor more closely. 

Use janitorial inspection templates to prevent missing tasks

Templates prevent missing tasks by identifying which duties are included in each client’s janitorial contract so inspectors can effectively monitor quality guidelines. From emptying trash cans to restocking bathroom supplies, every detail can make an impact on customer satisfaction. As long as you perform job site inspections at the end of each shift, templates can help inspectors identify insufficiencies before the client notices there was ever an issue. 

Use janitorial inspection templates to advance training efforts

Inspection templates aren’t just useful for managing on-site reviews. Templates can aid in formulating more powerful training programs so your cleaners can provide better customer service. Without training, it’s impossible to maintain uniformity. Depending on experience, each worker may have their own approach to cleaning. It’s up to you to implement systems that help your team perform tasks consistently and up to company guidelines.

Instead of choosing arbitrary topics, start by establishing training sessions that address your company’s most common complaints. Next, schedule training that correlates with each client’s inspection templates. Talk about each client’s expectations and explain how to perform each task carefully and efficiently. Any time a client adds new responsibilities, add that topic to your inspection template, then your team’s next training session. Don’t be afraid to spend extra time on specific issues. As long as training sessions help your team increase customer satisfaction, it’s well worth the time you invest.

Use janitorial inspection templates promote customer retention

Your business stands to rake in substantial profits by turning customer satisfaction into loyalty. A lot of the time, client retention efforts are pushed aside to obtain new leads, but the truth is that existing clients are far more profitable than brand new ones. To be exact, existing clients are five times more profitable. A modest five percent increase in customer retention can yield over a twenty-five percent increase in earnings. At the same time, nearly ninety percent of consumers began doing business with a competitor, following just one poor experience. There’s a very slim margin for error when it comes to keeping clients happy, which makes post-cleaning inspections so essential. By using inspection templates to set up customer facility reviews, you can make sure your team is doing everything it takes to advance retention efforts.

What is your janitorial software provider doing to raise customer satisfaction? 

Assignments aren’t the only thing cleaning companies need to inspect. A study by Microsoft found that 80% of consumers believe it takes too much effort to resolve their customer service issues. While that percentage is quite high, it shows that cleaning companies can easily stand out by giving their customers prompt and effective solutions to their janitorial concerns. By conducting periodic internal inspections, you can ensure your team, and your tools, are working as efficiently as possible. Instead of using one program to manage work orders, another to monitor supply expenses, and then many more for communication, find one provider that can handle it all. Janitorial Manager provides productive management and communication tools that increase task efficiency so your team can concentrate on personalized service initiatives. 

Janitorial Manager’s Inspection App takes inspection templates and turns them into working report cards for each facility your team manages. Inspectors can use their smartphones to rate each cleaning job and attach images that showcase exceptional performance or areas in need of improvement. Reporting is conducted on location, which assists in producing evaluations accurate enough to measure your cleaning crew’s performance level. Managers can review facility grades in real-time, then use the JM Connect App to suggest improvements for jobs following a cleaner’s most recent setbacks. 

Janitorial Manager’s Connect App is a cloud-based application that promotes customer satisfaction by improving communication between cleaning businesses and their clients. Instead of juggling messages from various platforms (email, face-to-face, social media messaging, SMS text, or by phone), you can use the Connect App to send, save, archive, and instantly organize every conversation. Rather than clients leaving brief messages with a receptionist, you can eliminate the middleman. Clients can submit detailed questions, concerns, or work order requests straight to your cleaning crew, while email and SMS alerts guarantee your crew receives their messages. Because complete operational access is accessible via desktop or mobile device, your team can work with clients to provide immediate resolutions to all of their janitorial needs.

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