Without fail, every business owner can become overwhelmed thinking about costs, and there are plenty of costs to think about (employee wages, insurance, utilities, and so on). But does your mind ever add supply costs to that list, or have you thought about how much your supply costs determine everything else? If you’re in the janitorial services industry, supply costs can be the bane of your existence. While every business owner wants to cut costs, too many owners in the commercial cleaning industry cut corners with their supply cabinets and carts. This not only leaves you or your employees in the ditch, but it also causes you more major problems than if you had tried to save money somewhere else. Supplies may be a small part of your budget, but they can determine your bottom line. As a result, supply cost is an expense that needs to be monitored regularly.

There are numerous reasons why your supply costs could surge upwards – inflation, price of materials, national or global problems, etc. And while that may not look like much in the short term, continual increases or surges will affect your overall budget significantly. Take the time to evaluate your budget – dig deeper into your balance sheets, review your bids, consider every cost. If you can develop better spending habits in other areas of your business, then you can keep your supply costs in check. You can revolutionize your budget and boost your overall profitability by being organized and prepared. The best way to do that is by using the right tools. A tool to consider is a cleaning management software program to help you sustain your janitorial services business. Here are 3 ways the right management software can help you save time and money in other areas so that your supply costs don’t control you:

Automate Everything

If you had the ability to automate almost every part of your day-to-day business like scheduling, work orders, employee assignments or hours, cleaning processes, job specifications, inspections and more, how would that affect your budget? Significantly! If you didn’t have to waste time manually assigning, writing or processing every service you offer, you could save some serious cash and get more done with the extra time you have. With a janitorial service management software program, you would not only be able to automate everything,  but you could also do it from anywhere on any device at any time. You have a client that needs a certain product? You’re questioning whether or not an employee did their job when they said they did? You have a specific job that needs to be done a certain way every time? Automation is the answer!


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Real Work in Real Time

Even if all of your processes were automated, what happens if a sudden change occurs, a client cancels an appointment or you realize you’re missing an inventory item? You would typically have to wait until you’re in the office to handle any such issues, keeping you from doing the rest of your work and causing the customer, the employee or the supplier to wait on you to fix the problem. But with a service management software program, you can see and make every change to your schedule, work orders, and your supply list in real time, leaving no doubt about what needs to happen and when. Need to run a report? Done! Need to print an invoice for a current job? Done! Need to reorder a specific supply while you’re in the field? Done! With the best software program and corresponding app, you literally have everything you need in your hand – no external syncing necessary.

Set Your Business Apart

The janitorial cleaning industry is a dog-eat-dog world. There’s competition everywhere, and if you can’t control your budget, you won’t be a viable option for long. Your customers are the reason you have a business – it’s your job to make sure that they’re satisfied. One major way you can set yourself apart from the competition is by offering organization and communication. A janitorial service software program can do that! Whatever information you need is housed in one place – customer details, bidding options, ISSA cleaning times, job specifications, employee training levels, client communication and feedback options. Your constant access to everything will save you time and money, make your business more profitable and intrigue potential clients. Furthermore, your supply cost issues will be a thing of the past because every other area is taken care of.


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Make The Right Choice

If you worry about your budget, supply costs or the profitability of your business, make the change! Janitorial Manager is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, service management software program built to help you manage every aspect of your business without breaking your bank. Contact us for a free demo today!