Company background:

Founded in 2018, ShareMD Asset Management owns and manages medical office buildings. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, the company has multiple properties in California and Florida. Tiffany Walls is the Assistant Property Manager and joined the company in 2020.

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The Challenges:

Maintenance Issues Slipping Through the Cracks

When day porters are cleaning an area, oftentimes they will discover a maintenance issue like a burned-out lightbulb. Management had a process for day porters to report these issues, but they were prone to going unreported.

“With our daytime porters, the system was to fill out a card and drop it by the office. And maybe they would or maybe they wouldn’t,” says Tiffany.

Failure to report outstanding maintenance issues is a problem. It jeopardizes the health and safety of their employees. They needed to make a change.

Manual Processes and Lacking Control

With managers and members of the corporate office traveling frequently, it was also impossible to know if all areas of their office were being cleaned.

The only way they could check the cleaning status was by viewing a chart. “If they wanted to be able to pull up our building and see that the fifth-floor bathroom was clean, there was no way to do that other than [view] the old charts we had in all our restrooms where we check that this has been cleaned,” Tiffany said.

This manual process created a lack of control and knowledge over their cleaning operation- leading Tiffany to seek a solution. After evaluating five software providers, Janitorial Manager was selected.

“We reached out to a total of five different vendors and sat through tutorials, and worked with different people. And for us, it was a no-brainer for Janitorial Manager after I researched and did the tutorials. The entire staff seemed to understand our needs.”

– Tiffany Walls, Assistant Property Manager, ShareMD Asset Management

The Solution:

Janitorial QR Codes and Employee Messaging

ShareMD Asset Management adopted JM’s scannable QR Code feature known as Scan4Clean. Scan4Clean is helping in-house providers and building service contractors improve the quality of clean and increase employee and public communication.

They also adopted JM’s employee messaging. Employee messaging allows employees and management to communicate with each other in an instant.

Both features are accessed on JM’s mobile app, JM Connect. This streamlined app helps Tiffany and their day porters efficiently manage their operation and accomplish their cleaning tasks. JM is currently used at the corporate office in Jacksonville, and they plan to implement it at their other locations.

The Benefits:

No Manual Processes & Better Monitoring

Using Scan4Clean, Tiffany and management no longer have to rely on charts to see when the last time an area was cleaned. All they have to do is check JM’s various reports to know when the cleaning last occurred and by whom. The cleaning start & end times, as well as checklist items, are automatically recorded (without the need to store files of manual charts).

With one less manual process, Tiffany has the knowledge she needs to know for sure that their building is clean.

“We’re able to see exactly what they’re doing. You never want to be that person, but it’s part of the job to make sure that cleanliness is the top priority.”

– Tiffany Walls, Assistant Property Manager, ShareMD Asset Management

Easy to Communicate Maintenance Issues

If a lightbulb is burned out, or a toilet is running, it’s easier than ever for their day porters to report maintenance issues. And quickly too. Using JM Connect’s employee messaging, day porters can send an instant message (or pictures if they wanted) of the issue to Tiffany. This allows her to keep track of all the issues since they’re documented in one place. “It’s a quick note to me that I monitor, hey, there’s a lightbulb out in the women’s restroom, and things of that sort. So that’s been very, very helpful,” Tiffany remarked.

With an easier process to report maintenance issues, these no longer fall through the cracks. But best of all, a stronger communication bond is formed between employees and management.


By requiring their day porters to utilize Scan4Clean, it delivers accountability that a chart couldn’t. “It would be really tough to walk in the restroom and not clean it. It gives us accountability to say it was done,” Tiffany explained. Each QR Code is specific to the building’s areas (like a bathroom or conference room). Then, when the day porter scans the QR code, a checklist with all the steps to clean the area appears. These checklists remind the porters and create a trail of documentation verifying that steps were completed.

But that’s not all.

If Tiffany is alerted by someone that an area is not clean, she can verify the last time an area was cleaned, and if it wasn’t, she’ll know instantly and can take action. She explains, “If someone reports that it’s not clean, I’m able to go back and say, well, Kesha was in there at 10 AM this morning. What happened since 10 AM?”

With robust accountability measures in tack, the possibility of cleaning tasks slipping through is slim to none. A clean and safe facility is now consistent for all.

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